Monday, February 8, 2010

Cricket Quiz - 3! A Protea Special!

1) X is the term used in the United Kingdom to refer to a domestic league cricketer, on whom, any quotas setting maximum numbers of such foreign players in teams are deemed illegal under EU law. This term, which has obtained its name from the rule known as X ruling, has allowed English county cricket clubs to employ the services of a multitude of overseas cricketers. What is X?

2) The name calamari is given to Mediterranean dishes involving squid, and it is a popular food in many parts of the world. The cricketer X was involved in what is probably the most bizarre stoppage in the history of cricket, when 'calamari stopped play'. X bowled to Daryll Cullinan, who hit the ball for six, straight into a pan of frying calamari in a kitchen (according to Wisden). Even after ten minutes the bowler couldn't grip the ball, and eventually it had to be replaced. Who?

3) The cricketer X, who was known as Vinnige Fanie by his fans, was a judge in the 1995 Miss World pageant in Sun City. In 2003, renowned cricket writer Trevor Chesterfield published a biography of X entitled X: Portrait of a Test Bowler. ID X.

4) X suffered from epilepsy. When he helped Kerry Packer start World Series Cricket signing up many of English, West Indian and Pakistani cricketers, a move which cost him the captaincy of England, and a number of commentators ridiculed him, questioned his judgment in the matter and speculated that epilepsy impaired his ability to make decisions. After that, X was offered a "job for life" by Packer as a commentator during Nine's cricket coverage. Who was the cricketer X?

5) Finally, a sitter for some
Biz enthusiasts :)
X is a stadium in South Africa, which was renamed to its present name after the leading sports provider in South Africa, Y, bought shares in the stadium. It is the home ground of the Titans Cricket Team, formerly known as Northern Transvaal. ID X and Y.